Poppy Ridge 2011 – Nice weather we’re having ;-(

Through June 4th I’ve planned to play in five golf tournaments so far this year, but have had three rained out. Got a nice day at The Course at Wente Vineyards early this year and Los Positas Golf Course mid-Spring, but outings at Metropolitan Golf Links, Shoreline Golf Links, and now Poppy Ridge have all had to be called due to poor weather.

Got a back nine in with James Poulson on Sunday and I was fortunate enough to get out recently and play in the nice weather we experienced before and during Memorial Day weekend. But we’ve had extremely poor luck with our tournaments this year.

Our ninth annual Poppy Hills Golf tournament weekend is coming up quickly, it’s scheduled for Saturday July 23rd beginning at 8:30 am. Should be a good time. Getting our lodging details set up and we’re looking at places in Carmel Valley, Pacific Grove, & Pebble Beach. Can’t really go wrong with any of those choices. Not to mention I’ll be digging deep in to my Wine Cellar to complement our grilled meat and food selections.

We’ve had a lot of fun at The Fernwood Motel in Big Sur in years past, amazing how great the bands are they book there, but staying closer to Poppy Hills this year. Haven’t really had much heat the last couple years, but chilling out on the coast when the weather is triple digits makes the trip even that more worthwhile.

Sign ups will be starting soon, so stay tuned!

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