About NorCal Golf Club

We are an NCGA Associate Golf Club offering all the benefits of NCGA Membership that includes discounted green fees, a USGA handicap that you can use in tournaments, free golf lessons, and more!

Feel free to send me an email message or use our feedback form to ask any or all questions regarding this group or the game of golf!

How to Join the Club!
To sign up as a member go to our Membership sign up page and fill in the required info. You can then proceed to the Pay for your Membership page where you will find the mailing address to send a check and the link to use PayPal or your credit card. You do not need to wait for me to confirm, just be sure to submit the form with the required info before sending payment.

Benefits of NCGA Membership The NCGA Web site has a page on the benefits of NCGA membership, but I’ll summarize what I consider the most important benefits.

Discount at Poppy Hills Golf Course – This is the headquarters of the NCGA and is owned by the NCGA. This benefit pays for membership all by itself.

Discount at Poppy Ridge Golf Course – Poppy Ridge in Livermore is the second course built and owned by the NCGA. It can get windy at certain times of the year. I recommend playing in early spring and fall. For those of you in the East Bay, playing here just a couple times per year pays for your membership.

Your official handicap! – Your NCGA membership number is also your GHIN (Global Handicap Information Network) number. The GHIN is run by the United States Golf Association (USGA). This will get you a handicap to use in tournaments virtually anywhere in the world. All golf courses have a computer to post your scores after your round and I have also applied for our club to use Internet Postings of scores. Tournament scores are entered for you by the Tournament director after each event.

Free Golf Lessons!- San Jose Muni, Los Lagos, in San Jose, Metropolitan Links in Oakland, Crystal Springs in Burlingame, Poppy Hills in Pebble Beach, and Poppy Ridge in Livermore are just some of the courses that now offer free lessons for NCGA members! Click here for the complete list.

Free Gate Fee at Pebble Beach 17 Mile Drive – Don’t forget your NCGA card whenever you visit Pebble Beach. It’s normally $9 to enter, but free entry is just another benefit of membership. There was a $5 rebate available at the Golf Courses on Pebble Beach, but now it’s free!

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